About Sara Chimene-Weiss

Sara Chimene-Weiss: A Defender of Democracy

Sara Chimene-Weiss is a passionate advocate dedicated to strengthening democracy and fighting against anti-democratic disinformation. As Counsel at Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, she combines her litigation, advocacy, and partnerships expertise to represent individuals harmed by those spreading disinformation.

Current Role and Focus

Counsel at Protect Democracy

In her current role as Counsel at Protect Democracy, she is crucial in protecting and preserving democratic values. Her primary focus lies in litigation for individuals targeted by anti-democratic disinformation. Sara combines her legal expertise with a deep commitment to accountability and justice, working tirelessly to expose and counteract efforts that undermine the democratic process. Her work encompasses partnerships with like-minded organizations, strategic advocacy, and local, state, and federal litigation.

Career History and Legal Background

Before joining Protect Democracy, she held various positions that allowed her to hone her legal skills and develop a strong foundation in civil rights and constitutional law.

Assistant Federal Public Defender and Capital Habeas Unit

Sara' served as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the Capital Habeas Unit of the District of Arizona. In this capacity, she provided legal representation for individuals facing the death penalty. Her work encompassed conducting thorough investigations, legal research and writing, preparing compelling arguments, and presenting cases before the court. Through diligent efforts, she fought for every client to receive fair and just treatment under the law.

Law Clerk and Judicial Experience

Sara Chimene-Weiss's passion for law and dedication to justice was further reinforced as a law clerk to a federal district court judge. This experience deepened her understanding of the legal system and allowed her to witness firsthand the impact of judicial decisions on individuals' lives. Her exposure to different perspectives and legal reasoning strengthened her legal acumen and provided her with invaluable insights into the intricacies of the judicial process.

Academic Background

Sara's academic journey reflects her pursuit of excellence in law and civil rights advocacy.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University, where she nurtured her passion for justice and social equity. The interdisciplinary nature of her education at Brown allowed her to develop a well-rounded perspective and a deep appreciation for the importance of diverse voices in shaping democratic societies.

She went on to earn her Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School, where she further refined her legal skills and explored her interest in public interest litigation. Her academic experience at Columbia gave her a solid foundation in legal research, analysis, and persuasive writing, skills that have proven vital to her work defending democracy.

Involvement in Philanthropy and Human Rights

Sara Chimene-Weiss's commitment to justice extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively engages in philanthropic efforts and human rights advocacy, channeling her passion for defending democratic values into meaningful action.

While specifics of her philanthropic involvement were not provided, it is evident that her work at Protect Democracy and dedication to strengthening democracy serve as her primary avenue for effecting positive change.

Personal Life and Interests

Sara values a well-rounded personal life besides her professional pursuits.

While specific details about her personal life and interests were not provided, it is essential to recognize that individuals like her often find inspiration and rejuvenation through activities outside of work. Engaging in hobbies, cultivating personal relationships, and pursuing interests beyond legal can provide balance and perspective.

Sara is a tireless advocate and Counsel at Protect Democracy, committed to defending democracy and countering anti-democratic disinformation. Her extensive legal background, including her experience as an Assistant Federal Public Defender and law clerk, has equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a lasting impact.

Through her work at Protect Democracy, she fights to counter disinformation, advocate for her clients, and to protect the integrity of democratic processes. Her dedication to justice and commitment to upholding democratic values make her invaluable in the ongoing battle for a strong and resilient democracy.

Sara Chimene-Weiss embraces a well-rounded life outside her professional endeavors, valuing personal relationships and pursuing interests that provide balance and inspiration. While specific details about her personal life were not provided, it is clear that she brings a multidimensional approach to her work and values the importance of personal growth and fulfillment.

Sara inspires others, demonstrating the power of combining legal expertise with a deep commitment to justice. Her work at Protect Democracy and dedication to defending democratic principles make her a formidable force in the ongoing fight for a more just and equitable society.


Sara Chimene-Weiss